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As highly confidential data are found in business files and documents, we always ensure that they are safely locked away in file cabinets. With high-security locks and high-tech security systems, the cabinet may stay secured in the finest manner. But what would happen if technology decides to play up or the manual locks get jammed? Panic not! If you have got a jammed file cabinet, without further ado, call Metro Master Locksmith immediately. We will be quick to arrive at your place and unlock the file cabinet as swiftly as possible. The entire process would only take a matter of minutes when it’s left to our professionals.

Locks that we work with:Metro Master Locksmith Louisville, KY 502-268-7087

There are numerous types of file cabinet locks available in the market, and our locksmiths are well adept at dealing with all of them. Here are some of the most crucial locks that we work with:

  • Cam-type Lock: A lock that is similar to a tubular cylinder locks and is accessed by a rotating bar mechanism.  

  • Plunger-type Lock: These types of locks are opened using a key and closed by pressing the body of the lock. Simple yet powerful. 

  • High-tech Locks: There are a number of high-tech locks out there. The electronic keypad locks and locks with built-in alarms happen to be the most prominent ones.  

  • Keyless combination: These locks are the safest option and are easily accessible. They don’t require any key to be accessed. 

Metro Master Locksmith’s technicians are some of the finest locksmiths that one is likely to find out there. At a point of time, our locksmiths would be ready to respond to your calls. With their expertise and skills, unlocking file cabinets, no matter what type of lock maybe installed on the cabinet, is a task that can be done with ease and precision. Apart from unlocking services, we offer a slew of others, here are some of the ones that our clients are most interested in: 

  • Depository safe upgrades 
  • File cabinet lock repairs and replacement 
  • File cabinet installation 
  • Rekeying services for cabinets 

And much more

Are you looking for unlocking file cabinet services? Call Metro Master Locksmith now at 502-268-7087 to avail our services in the Louisville, KY area.